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Real estate development, sales and rental

Our company also undertakes engineering tasks on behalf of third parties.

Our activities are mainly carried out in the field of energy, within which we focus our work on energy efficiency and the utilization of renewable energy sources. During our development work, reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the priorities, in which we achieve results by looking at carbon dioxide as a raw material to be used. Our goal is to develop environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technologies for the use of waste, in order to reduce the proportion of imported energy carriers.

Our company has also developed a new form of technical consulting: we not only provide consulting services to third parties, but also carry out technological developments in the above-mentioned technical areas in order to achieve our declared goals. In order to implement our developed and patented technologies, we are looking for industrial partners (contractors and users) with whom we will implement the pilot operation of the given technology within the framework of an EU grant. We take part in the tender as a subcontractor of our partner participating on the tender, within the framework of a cooperation agreement. The technology implemented in the framework of the tender, after its international certification, will be brought to the market together with our partner.

Our technologies that have already been developed and are awaiting implementation (see under the “Downloads” item):

- The use of electricity produced by solar panels and wind power plants at the same time as their production, outside the electricity grid, for the production of synthetic natural gas.

- Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient processing of sewage sludge and other wet biomasses with supercritical water gasification.

- Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient destruction of hazardous waste by supercritical water


- Partial refining technology carried out at the extraction site, which enables the pipeline transport of extra-heavy oils and natural bitumen without the use of solvents, for the extra-heavy oils and natural bitumen extracted with traditional thermal technology.

- Environmentally friendly technology of shale oil and oil shale without fracturing, with high extraction efficiency (HTOT).

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