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Coopinter Kft. is the holder of invention licensing rights of a thermal technology for the development of shale oil reserves including kerogen and tight oil and other hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves – oil shale, heavy oil/natural bitumen and bituminous oil bearing formations.

The technology is based on international patent-pending inventions.


The technology’s main distinctive feature from conventional thermal methods is the irreversible molecular modification of hydrocarbons due to in-situ catalytic pyrolysis/hydro-pyrolysis and other processes.

During the operation of the technology supercritical/ultra-supercritical water (P = 23-55 MPa (3,300-8,000 psi), T = 600-650 °C (1,100-1,200 °F)) with high enthalpy is injected into kerogen/tight oil/bituminous oil formations lying at a depth up to 4,000 m (13,000 ft). This way realization of in-situ hydrocarbon irreversible molecular modification and tight oil upgrading and synthetic oil/gas generation from kerogen take place.

The crude oil with reduced viscosity, being able to flow, can be extracted through the same wells used for injection in flowing production mode.

A special surface-based ultra-supercritical water generator with its auxiliaries is used to generate the injected fluid, which is part of the Company’s inventions, together with the tubing of special material equipped with heat-insulated coating, and the high temperature, high pressure (HTHP) packer and expansion joint.


We are different

There is no use of hydraulic fracturing or multistage hydraulic fracturing in the process.

No any hazardous chemical substances are applied.

Our Technology in comparison with the shale oil technology using hydraulic fracturing has the following advantages:

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