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Environmental Protection

Our company is committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, which is based on the efficient, safe disposal of continuously generated waste.


Our knowledge in the field of supercritical water and the application of supercritical tubular reactors encourages our company to develop the disposal of hazardous chemical waste, nuclear contaminated materials and various sewage sludges in the near future, preferably with energy production.

As part of this, in order to carry out the necessary series of experiments, a continuous tubular reactor must first be set up that matches the capacity of the available Ultra-Super Critical Water (DHW) boiler.


When setting up the tubular reactor, we need to solve the following main tasks:

  • Preparation of wastes / raw materials to be disposed of / processed, formulation into a reactor;

  • Development of a method for continuous feeding of prepared materials to a reactor (250-400 bar, 420-600 C);

  • Development of a method for feeding catalysts into a reactor;

  • Preventing the deposition of solids from the supercritical aqueous oxidation (SCC) process in the reactor (design issue);

  • Transforming the multi-phase mixture (liquid, gas, solid) leaving the reactor into a separable form while reducing the energy content of the mixture;

  • Creating a method and toolkit for efficient separation, developing temporary (pre-shipment) storage of separated materials;

  • Utilization of the output energy content of the multi-phase mixture, recycling back to the process of USKV generation, development of the energy-efficient and energy-saving way of SZKVO;

  • Automating the processes of the SZKVO, developing a way to automatically log processes and operations.

We are currently looking for partners and support for the above tasks.

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