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Strow Fired Biomass Power Plant

A significant part of Hungary's biomass potential is embodied in wheat strow and rapeseed straw, as well as corn stalks.

Together with Erőterv Zrt, we have prepared the construction designs of the power plants enabling the economical, safe and environmentally friendly combustion of these energy sources in versions with a capacity of 50 MW and 25 MW. Fuel logistics was an important part of these construction designs.

Using the completed construction design packages as typical design documentation, it would have been possible to build them in several parts of the country into unified agricultural energy system, the regulatory element of which, according to our plans, would have been a pumped energy storage (PET). The PET would have ensured the stability required by the electricity transmission system operator (MAVÍR) in accordance with the current needs of the electricity network.

The idea, born around 2008 and proved to be an early initiative. The implementation of this project is still pending, mostly in relation to PET, it is still very topical today due to the solar and wind power plants connected to the electricity system, as well as the (future) biomass power plants.

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