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Bagasse Fired Biomass Power Plant

The bagasse-fired biomass power plant would have served the energy supply of the sweet sorghum processing plant planned for the Szerencs industrial park, the fuel of which was the bagasse and other agricultural by-products generated from the extructed sweet sorghum stems, and after harvesting (off-season period) baled corn stalk. This power plant would have been built right next to the sweet sorghum processing plant on the available property, which has an architectural classification of GIP, an economic industrial area.

As the purpose of the construction of the small power plant was to serve the planned sugar sorghum processing plant and the technology which requires significant heat and electricity, the implementation of cogeneration power plant is the obvious solution.

The size of the power plant is decisively influenced in order to be economical, its investment pays off, so it should be taken into account that the first part of sweet sorghum processing is campaign-like, ie requires more heat and electricity for two to three months. After this harvesting period is a declining but continuous demand for energy, so it was necessary to choose equipment that meets the maximum needs but will be able to perform its task with adequate efficiency for the rest of the year, as well.

The small power plant consists of a steam boiler designed for biomass combustion and a steam turbine and generator unit. The feed water of the boiler is produced by a water treatment device, and the appropriate emission value is ensured by an electrostatic fly ash separator unit, connected downstream of the boiler.

The planned power plant is designed to generate 4 MW of electricity, in line with the capacity of the associated sweet sorghum processing plant.

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