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About us

Coopinter Ltd. was founded in 1989 by the company's employees. Its activity was based on a holding type operation, by establishing several companies working in different fields. Coopinter Ltd. provided its accounting and other services to the businesses on a contract basis.


During the holding type operation, Coopinter Kft. has worked out development concepts, which were utilized in its own companies or in cooperation with other companies. In 2006, Coopinter has developed an agricultural energetic concept, during which the implementation of small electric power plants using agricultural by-products was planned, within the framework of project companies. Later, the concept was further developed in order to make the production of electricity and heat that meets local needs.


Later project plans aimed to utilize the results of a research and development programme carried out between 2008 and 2013 within the framework of a consortium with the support of the National Development Agency (see the menu item “Agricultural Energy Developments”).


These concerned the development of the cultivation of high-yield sweet sorghum varieties in Hungary, as well as the chemical industrial, food and energy uses of sweet sorghum juice and steam.


Results were achieved in the development of a boiler producing supercritical water, and Coopinter has developed concepts for the versatile utilization of supercritical water (see the menu items “Environmental Developments” and “Developments in the Oil Industry”).


The task for the coming period will be to further develop and implement these topics into commercial projects.


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